A Photo Series of St. Petersburg

Check out John’s photo blog from his time in St. Petersburg!

Kolodich 2_01
This was one of the many fountains that I saw in the Summer Garden. The gardens were beautiful, containing more fountains than I could remember. I sometimes went here to relax and think.
Kolodich 2_02
One day after class a few friends and I decided to go to the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. It is conveniently located right next to the university. It was a breathtaking experience. The mosaic work was amazingly realistic. During our trip we learning that it was severely bombed during WW2, but today you won’t notice.
Kolodich 2_03
This is the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood from the outside. Unfortunately there was restoration work going on all summer. Regardless of that it was a pleasant thing to see every day on the way to class. I also heavily associate the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood with the fun and chaotic fan zone that stood right behind it.
Kolodich 2_04
This was one of the swings at the Street art Museum. The whole courtyard was really interesting, but everyone was allured by the swings. We spent a good hour enjoying ourselves after the excursion.
Kolodich 2_05
I took this photo during the Brazil-Belgium game. The fans were loudly chanting and shouting throughout the city, giving it a wild energy. I tried to see as many games as I could, because they always brought excitement, and the opportunity to meet new people from around the world.
Kolodich 2_06
This is Peterhof (The Versailles of the north) from the front. The fountain defined the trip for me. It was extraordinary seeing how the engineers managed to make the fountains shoot so high without pumps. It was soothing walking around the park listening to the pouring fountains.
Kolodich 2_07
I have spent a significant chunk of this summer riding the metro, so I became quite familiar with the underground. Most stations have very unique features that are special to each station. This is a mosaic from my favorite station (Sportivnaya).
Kolodich 2_08
This was clothing that prisoners wore in the Shlisselburg Prison. The white garment is a straight jacket that would have been used at the time. The clothing to the right was for female prisoners. It was an itchy wool garment that I’m certain nobody would want to wear.
Kolodich 2_09
This is the Shlisselburg fortress. It played a pivotal part in Russian history. It was once used to defend the Russian border from Finland. It also housed famous prisoners like Ivan the 6th (the child Tsar) who died here.


By: John Kolodich

Program: Advanced Russian Language and Area Studies Program

Term: Summer 2018

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