Happy International Education Week!

Happy International Education Week! International Education Week (IEW) is an opportunity to celebrate international exchange and education worldwide. Every year, the U.S Department of State and Department of Education highlight programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future participants from abroad to study, learn, and exchange life experiences.

Here at American Councils for International Education, we are very proud to support international exchange. In AC Study & Research Abroad, we’ve sent over 9,500 students abroad since our inception in 1974 to over 25 countries. In honor of IEW, we are going to be sharing several blogs highlighting our programs and #AbroadLessTraveled. We’ll also be sharing photos and other content on our social media sites, please check them out and join the conversation using the hashtags: #AbroadLessTraveled and #IEW2018

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Facebook – AC Study Abroad

Instagram – @acstudyabroad

To get things started, here are three blogs from previous students who experienced the benefits of international exchange first hand.

  1. Fulfilling a New Facet in the Kaleidoscopic Persona – Morgan was a participant on Tradition and Modernity in Taiwan Summer 2018. She writes about how her experience abroad will help her relate to her ELL students. International exchange not only benefits you, but others in your life!
  2. The Best Part of Studying Abroad – Alyssa was a participant on Peace and Security in the South Caucasus Summer 2018. She writes about her host family and how she left Tbilisi with a second family. International exchange expands your social network, and you’ll leave your host country with a second family waiting for your return.
  3. Let’s Talk about Fear – Mariela was a participant on the Advanced Russian Language and Area Studies Program in Summer 2017. She writes about proactively learning Russian during her time abroad and how dance classes showed her the benefits of international exchange and language learning.

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