Belgrade Photo Blog – A Slice of Life

Garcia_03_1This photo above was taken during one of my cultural activities last month at a ‘посориште’ or theater in Belgrade, Serbia. I got the opportunity to attend this event with my host-mother and it was truly delightful; not only was it entertaining and a nice way to bond with my host-mom but it was also a great tool to test my language comprehension!


Garcia_03_2Capturing the liveliness of one of Serbia’s most famous street,
Knez Mihailova, pictured above is protected by the Serbian government as one of the most historic landmarks of the city! From foreign embassies to live-street music and merchants Knez Mihailova, does a wonderful job at showcasing Serbian culture to all its visitors.



Photographed above and below is St. Mark’s Church or ‘Црква Цвтог Марка’ another one of Serbia’s stunning landmarks. The church was built in 1993 and was created as a replica of the Gracanica Monastery in Kosovo. While the church is relatively new, its architects did a phenomenal job at rebuilding its historic frescoes and external walls to remain as authentic to the Serbian-Byzantine architectural style as possible.


By: Adriana Garcia

Program: Balkan Language Initiative (BLI)

Term: Academic Year 2018-19

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