Excursion to Novi Sad

garcia 5.1

As one of my cultural activities, I got the opportunity to travel to another city in Serbia called Novi Sad. My short trip to the city of Novi Sad is by far my favorite cultural activity so far. After a harsh winter in Eastern Europe, the warm weather, the blooming of the flowers, and the opening of many ‘Pijace,’ or open-markets, were wonderful signs of the arrival of the Spring, or ‘Proleće,’ in the country.

While in Novi Sad, I walked through one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations, the ‘Petrovaradinska Tvrđava,’ photographed on the left, a fortress that dates back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire! Living in Belgrade during my time abroad, I have gotten accustomed to the Turkish-footprints that were left behind by Belgrade’s conqueror, the Ottoman Empire. It was such a unique experience to not only walk through such a historical site but also to see the major influences that each empire imprinted on the cities. From the infrastructure, to the architecture, to the calmer manner of life in Novi Sad, one can see and feel the vast difference of both cities. Regardless of currently being a part of the same country, my excursion to Novi Sad felt as if I had left Serbia and wondered off into a tiny republic. Novi Sad, is the fourth largest city in Serbia and its historic roots are critical for understanding the larger and complex picture of the cultural dynamics in Serbia!

By: Adriana Garcia

Program: Balkan Language Initiative, Belgrade, Serbia

Term: Academic Year 2018-19



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