Photo Blog: Travel Experiences in Taiwan

One of my favorite parts of my study abroad experience was traveling around Taiwan and seeing new places. My trips ranged from a local Tainan day market to the beautiful town of JiuFen. While in Taiwan, the opportunities to travel are numerous. The amount of freedom to pursue the travel that most interests you is amazing. During my time in Taiwan, I visited numerous interesting places throughout Tainan, An-ping, Ten Drums, Taipei, and JiuFen. The travel was one of my favorite parts of going to Taiwan. I will go home with experiences I will never forget.

Vierrether Blog 2 REVISED Photo 1
If you enjoy nature, Tainan has numerous gorgeous parks to explore. This picture is of Tainan’s largest and most well know park, Barclay Memorial Park. The park has beautiful ponds, trails, flowers, and trees.
Vierrether Blog 2 REVISED Photo 2
At Taipei’s night market I got to eat amazing food and see a ton of new and exciting things. The street seems to never end and the number of interesting foods and shops in incredible. The night market was an experience I will never forget.
Vierrether Blog 2 REVISED Photo 3
My all-time favorite adventure in Taiwan was my trip to JiuFen. JiuFen has the most beautiful coast and mountain scenery. JiuFen has a rich culture and history. I could have spent a week in JiuFen without getting bored. I recommend taking the time to visit this remarkable place.
Vierrether Blog 2 REVISED Photo 4
Our first weekend in Taiwan we got to go on a group tour around Tainan. We went to and abandoned sugar mill, saw an amazing drum performance, rode a boat through “Taiwan’s Amazon” and visited the historical Anping Treehouse. Seeing all three of these places in one day painted a vibrant picture of Taiwan’s unique history and culture.
Vierrether Blog 2 REVISED Photo 5
While the opportunities to travel in Taiwan are many, you do not have to stray far to find unique streets and shops to spend an afternoon exploring. One of my favorite streets to go for lunch or dinner is only a block away from campus, and you could spend hours there trying all the different foods available. Of course, you can’t forget to grab a delicious bubble tea while you’re there!

If you come to Taiwan with American Councils, you will discover so many hidden gems and truly immerse yourself in Taiwanese culture through travel.

By: Kristen Vierrether

Program: Taiwan Intensive Summer Language Program, Tainan, Taiwan

Term: Summer 2019

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