Highlights of my Semester in Russia: A Photo Blog

This post will contain a few of the many pictures I have taken in Moscow. It was difficult to pick just a few favorites!

Lawson Blog 3 Photo 1 - RLASP Russia

Early on in the semester we took a trip to visit Moscow State University, one of the top universities in Russia.  The university has a large campus with many buildings, but we only toured the main building.  The architecture inside the building is even more impressive than the outside.

Lawson Blog 3 Photo 2 - RLASP Russia

The Monument to the Conquerors of Space is located in an area of Moscow known as VDNKh.  Here there are many museums, statues, and other attractions dedicated to space travel.  VDNKh also has an aquarium and an ice-skating rink in the winter.

Lawson Blog 3 Photo 3- RLASP Russia

Another attraction found at VDNKh is a collection of pavilions dedicated to the former Soviet Republics.  The pavilion that stood out to me the most was Armenia. The Armenian pavilion houses an Armenian restaurant and a shop of Armenian goods.

Lawson Blog 3 Photo 4- RLASP Russia

Midway through the semester we took a week-long trip to Sochi.  The most memorable excursion we had there was a hike to the top of a mountain in Sochi National Park.  At the top is a statue of Prometheus, a Greek god of fire.  Although the hike was difficult, it was a beautiful view.

Lawson Blog 3 Photo 5- RLASP Russia

One of my favorite things about Moscow is the beautiful lights at night, especially in the wintertime.  This is a street near Red Square, but Christmas lights can be seen all over the city.  It hasn’t snowed much in Moscow yet but I am sure that the added effect of snow will make the winter lights even more beautiful.

Lawson Blog 3 Photo 6- RLASP Russia

One of the most interesting museums I have been to thus far is the Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery.  Although I don’t have a big interest in art, I did really enjoy seeing all of his sculptures.

By: Rebecca Lawson

Program: Advanced Russian Language & Area Studies Program  Moscow, Russia

Term: Fall 2019

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