When you say “hike” …what exactly do you mean?

If you are looking for a city to study Russian, but do not want frigid temperatures to trap you inside for four to nine months, Almaty is the city for you! Kazakhstan allows students to study Russian language with the great outdoors of Central Asia at their doorstep, literally. Every morning when I walk to … Continue reading When you say “hike” …what exactly do you mean?


Productivity and Exploration

A typical day in my Moscow life consists of attending classes at Moscow International University and then either going to my internship, meeting with my conversation partner, taking a dance class, or going on excursions. This routine sure does keep me busy, and on top of that, my new Russian friends are always inviting me … Continue reading Productivity and Exploration

Getting around in Russia

One aspect of Russia that I have come to appreciate over my time here is the amount of transportation services available to the public, from day to day bus rides around the city, to high speed trains like the “Lastochka”, that can be used to travel quickly to and from different regions.  Metro trains and … Continue reading Getting around in Russia

Climbing the Language Barrier

While language learning has always been a huge passion of mine, over the last three years I have been actively learning the art of aerial dance. While this initially started out as just a hobby over the last year and a half I have been competing in aerial dance competitions and showcases in a few … Continue reading Climbing the Language Barrier

Living with a host family for the first time

There is a lot about studying abroad in a country so far away from and different than the US that could intimidate anyone. The distance from loved ones, the language barriers, the cultural differences—you name it. For it me, however, the prospect of living with a host family made me for the first time made … Continue reading Living with a host family for the first time

Kazakhstan’s EXPO 2017 – The Embodiment of Kazakhstan’s Ambitious Plans

Greetings from Almaty, Kazakhstan! I will be in Almaty for a semester through the American Councils’ Russian Language and Area Studies Program. Before I left, many people would ask me why I would be studying abroad in Kazakhstan. For many Americans, Kazakhstan generally perceived as a backwards country. This perception is usually fueled by Kazakhstan’s … Continue reading Kazakhstan’s EXPO 2017 – The Embodiment of Kazakhstan’s Ambitious Plans

Good Eats in Saint Petersburg

I’ve noticed a lot of American chain restaurants around Saint Petersburg, Russia, especially in the center of the city.  I haven’t stepped foot in any of them, though.  Why would I, when the traditional food here is nothing short of delicious?  Everything I’ve eaten has been so tasty that I’m not sure if my host … Continue reading Good Eats in Saint Petersburg