One Blink and It’s Over

Sitting on the plane to Dushanbe, Tajikistan I was thinking about all the things back home I’d miss while abroad for the semester. My family, girlfriend, and typical daily routine that I have perfected over the last three years in college. None of these things would be in Tajikistan, and I would have to adapt …

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Nowruz Celebrations

One of the best experiences I got to witness while in Tajikistan was the celebration of Nowruz. Nowruz is a holiday that originated in the old Persian Empire to celebrate the birth of the New Year and the first day on the Iranian calendar. It is one of the major holidays that is still celebrated …

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A Guest Among the Yaghnobis

The Yaghnob, or “icewater,” is a tributary feeding the Zarafshan River, which in turn feeds the great Amu Darya further downstream. Its headwaters are in the lofty peaks of the Fan Mountains of northern Tajikistan, from which it flows through a high (averaging 3000 meters above sea level) and steep-sloped valley which is at certain …

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