Tips for Studying Abroad in Russia

A few words of advice: Going abroad is an amazing opportunity; I’m incredibly grateful that I was able to go to Russia and study in Saint Petersburg. It can be difficult, though, and preparing for the transition to living in another country can certainly be scary! I sought out a lot of advice when I was preparing …

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Final Thoughts

As I sit here writing this blog post, I’m thinking about the ways in which my experience abroad has drastically influenced who I am. During 2019, I spent a total of eight months in Russia, and I can’t believe that it is finally coming to an end. So, this blog post will be an overall reflection.

Last Weeks in St. Petersburg

In these last weeks of the program, our Resident Director has been reminding us that now is the optimal time for language gain. This is something that we were told at orientation as well, and it’s helpful to have the reminder during these last few weeks. For me, they have been the toughest on the …

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Learning from My Host Family in Almaty

I have only been in Kazakhstan for three weeks, yet I feel like I have already learned a semester’s worth of knowledge. I have traveled to other countries before on vacation and have felt out of place, but never before in the state of culture shock and later cultural euphoria as I have in Almaty. …

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Enjoy your Journey

To my readers, Hello! My name is Mikhala and my Chinese name is 季明娜 (jìmíngnà). Fear can come in a lot of shapes and a lot of sizes. It can disappear when you least expect it to, but also appear when you aren’t looking. This is my second time coming to the same exact destination, …

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A Different Kind of Everyday

In a span of 3 weeks, I have learned and experienced a lot about Taiwan and Tainan City.  The people in Tainan are known for their hospitality.  The laid-back attitude, friendliness, and willing-to-help spirit of the people of Tainan speak volumes to a foreigner like me.  Certain cultural differences may come as a shock, but …

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