Keay Meets Kazakhstan

  By: Victorialyn Keay Program: Advanced Russian Language and Area Studies Term: Fall 2017  


When you say “hike” …what exactly do you mean?

If you are looking for a city to study Russian, but do not want frigid temperatures to trap you inside for four to nine months, Almaty is the city for you! Kazakhstan allows students to study Russian language with the great outdoors of Central Asia at their doorstep, literally. Every morning when I walk to … Continue reading When you say “hike” …what exactly do you mean?

A Vegetarian in Kazakhstan

When you are a vegetarian in Kazakhstan, people immediately take notice. In America, my diet is slightly atypical, but here—I am an anomaly. Nearly everyone who hears that I do not eat meat wants to know more about me and why I made this decision. This did not come as a surprise to me. Kazakh … Continue reading A Vegetarian in Kazakhstan

Finding My Way Home

“Excuse me, would you be able to tell me where the Baikonur metro station is?” So go my usual interactions with the people of Almaty as an American who finds herself getting lost almost everyday on the way back to her host family’s apartment. The passerby in question usually gives me a strange look, most … Continue reading Finding My Way Home

Navigating the Waters of Fluid Dynamics in Kazakhstan

It was early February, one of the coldest weeks in Almaty. The wind blew past my teacher, program director, and me as we searched for the Physics building on the main campus of our university. I could feel my nerves heightening, but this day had been long awaited. We found the lecture hall, but having … Continue reading Navigating the Waters of Fluid Dynamics in Kazakhstan

Privacy and Personal Space in Kazakhstan

One of the things that I have come to appreciate more since arriving in Kazakhstan earlier this summer is personal space. Growing up I had my own room. As a 26 year old adult I haven’t had to share my living space with a roommate since my sophomore year of college. In the several instances … Continue reading Privacy and Personal Space in Kazakhstan