Navigating the Waters of Fluid Dynamics in Kazakhstan

It was early February, one of the coldest weeks in Almaty. The wind blew past my teacher, program director, and me as we searched for the Physics building on the main campus of our university. I could feel my nerves heightening, but this day had been long awaited. We found the lecture hall, but having … Continue reading Navigating the Waters of Fluid Dynamics in Kazakhstan


7 Lessons in 7 Days: My First Week in Russia

DAY 1: Finally, I’m in St. Petersburg -- the moment I’ve been waiting for! After how many years, I am finally here. However, it’s hard to know what to think after being in a plane for 15 hours. It’s hard to know how to take in all the Cyrillic alphabet that surrounds me as I … Continue reading 7 Lessons in 7 Days: My First Week in Russia

Almaty: Globalization with Style

Along with delight at returning to a country familiar to me from childhood, the overwhelming impression I have had of Almaty, Kazakhstan, since arriving here for the Kazakh language program, is one of vivacious cosmopolitanism and creativity. Perhaps this is in part because of my host family, who kindly welcomed me into a home full … Continue reading Almaty: Globalization with Style

A Cooking Adventure

“Пельмени (Pelmeni): Traditional Siberian dumplings.” That is what my guidebook had as a translation for the name of the traditional Russian dish. The description did not immediately make me want to eat the popular Russian dish but when I initially arrived in Russian I was willing to try any Russian foods. My host mother made … Continue reading A Cooking Adventure

Curing Katia

A cough, sniffle or sneeze all merit medicine, of one form or another, from my host babushka, or hozaika. My desk is still laden with the remnants of a cold, well-cured: lozenges, nose drops, and a rainbow of tabletki. Despite my usual aversion to any medicine, I bombarded my immune system with an array of … Continue reading Curing Katia