7 Lessons in 7 Days: My First Week in Russia

DAY 1: Finally, I’m in St. Petersburg -- the moment I’ve been waiting for! After how many years, I am finally here. However, it’s hard to know what to think after being in a plane for 15 hours. It’s hard to know how to take in all the Cyrillic alphabet that surrounds me as I … Continue reading 7 Lessons in 7 Days: My First Week in Russia


Finding and Escaping Normalization in Tbilisi

You find what you’re made of when you go solo on a program. Over one year ago, I decided that Eurasian Regional Language Program was best to pair with my Boren Scholarship application, because of the intensive 15+ hours of language lessons each week. I felt that this was what I needed to reach my … Continue reading Finding and Escaping Normalization in Tbilisi

Flying Rats

“I hear that you call pigeons ‘flying rats,’” my tutor, Tanya, said to me as we navigated through the crowds on Nevskii Prospekt – she with the confident steps of a natural Petersburgian, me with the internal clumsiness of an outsider. Pace-for-pace I stroll along with the crush of people, cycling out of the Metro … Continue reading Flying Rats

10 Things to be Sure to do in Moscow

As we reach the two-weeks-left stage, it seems appropriate to share some comments and advice on what to be sure to do in Moscow for those who are coming on the program in future semesters. Especially if you are coming for the summer program, it is important to make time to go do/see what interests … Continue reading 10 Things to be Sure to do in Moscow

Getting Comfortable

Apparently it's already March - I hadn't noticed how quickly time here seems to pass. I still remember in perfect detail the first night I arrived in Vladimir, and my host-mother was the first person I saw when I stepped out of our bus from Moscow. "There! My Hannechka!" (I happen to go by "Hanna" … Continue reading Getting Comfortable