When East Meets West: Culinary Style

Sambusa, or whatever variation of the name a particular country has, is a national dish found in most places throughout South and Central Asia. Americans are probably most familiar with the Indian version, called samosa, which usually consists of peas and other vegetables stuffed into a shell, which is then deep fried and served with … Continue reading When East Meets West: Culinary Style


Salo and Grechka and Borsch, Oh My!

Exploring Kyiv and taking in the culture has been as much a linguistic adventure as a gastronomic one. One of the cornerstones of cultural immersion is to fully experience the local cuisine, and through my homestay family, I believe I have become acquainted with the classics of Ukrainian cooking. Every day at the kitchen table, … Continue reading Salo and Grechka and Borsch, Oh My!

A Cooking Adventure

“Пельмени (Pelmeni): Traditional Siberian dumplings.” That is what my guidebook had as a translation for the name of the traditional Russian dish. The description did not immediately make me want to eat the popular Russian dish but when I initially arrived in Russian I was willing to try any Russian foods. My host mother made … Continue reading A Cooking Adventure

A Vegetarian in St. Petersburg

There is no tofu in St. Petersburg. Or if there is, it is remarkably well hidden. I have searched the aisles and corridors of supermarkets across the city, and the closest thing I’ve found is white fish that looks vaguely like tofu (if you squint a lot). I had an all-too-fleeting moment of excitement when … Continue reading A Vegetarian in St. Petersburg