The Living Tradition of Music in Georgia

One thing that has always struck me about Georgian culture is that it is a culture of song.  It is often said that one out of every two Georgians are musical, either singing or playing an instrument (such as the traditional banjo-esque “panduri”).  Musical talent is highly respected, as it is integral for unlocking a … Continue reading The Living Tradition of Music in Georgia


Culture Beyond Politics

One of the main reasons I chose to live in Petersburg for the summer was to learn about the Russian culture beyond what I read in our textbooks and see through media. Here, I have met new people either by shopping for groceries, trying to eat as much delicious Georgian food as possible, or simply … Continue reading Culture Beyond Politics

Identity in Russia

Flying to Russia to spend a summer studying abroad has been the best decision of my life. Before deciding on making my trip, I was a little worried because of the international tensions my country (USA), and Russia currently face. As a Russian Language major, I knew that I needed to take this step in … Continue reading Identity in Russia

A Rock Pilgrim’s Progress

Students doing foreign study generally don’t like to see themselves as tourists, and in my first week in Belgrade, I thought of myself as a pilgrim. Anyone who has ever drawn parallels between religion and rock music ought to appreciate the history of rock in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRJ). During the new … Continue reading A Rock Pilgrim’s Progress

Falling for a city

A post from RLASP Spring 2017 participant, Nadezhda Braun.

ND to St. Petersburg

A few days ago I tried to purchase a painting at an outdoor art market across the street from my apartment. Despite the variety beautiful pieces of the city, I found myself at a loss. None of them seemed to capture the light in this city that is so infatuating. How even on the cold, gray, and icy days there is still an inherent beauty in how the street lamps illuminate the snow falling. Or how the light from the sunset hits the multicolor buildings and makes them glow. The light of St. Petersburg seems to create a sense of magic and mystery.

IMG_1974 I started a habit of taking sunset pictures after this day.

It is this sense of magic that makes St. Petersburg, and in turn, the Russian language and culture, so fascinating for me to learn about. It is a language, contrary to popular belief, of love, life…

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Reminders of Home in Russia

When I first told my family I would be spending the summer in Russia, they were a bit confused, to say the least. “Do you really have to go that far?” was my dad’s initial response. I couldn’t be too disappointed in their reactions, because the truth was that I was feeling a bit hesitant … Continue reading Reminders of Home in Russia

The Autumn Colors of Moscow

Trees of every possible autumn color litter the city – smooth chocolaty brown, dark furry green, sun-soaked maroon red, and golden yellow-orange. Sheets of endless golden flora and fauna embellish the embankments of the Moscow River. The sidewalks along the road are glossed with bright leaves that have glued themselves to the tiled walkways. The … Continue reading The Autumn Colors of Moscow