Language Matters for Development Work

Last week my internship with the National Democratic Institute in Georgia took me to the beautiful resort town of Borjomi, where I had the unique opportunity to observe trainings for local government officials.  The topic of the training was election campaign management, and NDI flew in an American expert for the occasion – a distinguished … Continue reading Language Matters for Development Work


Finding and Escaping Normalization in Tbilisi

You find what you’re made of when you go solo on a program. Over one year ago, I decided that Eurasian Regional Language Program was best to pair with my Boren Scholarship application, because of the intensive 15+ hours of language lessons each week. I felt that this was what I needed to reach my … Continue reading Finding and Escaping Normalization in Tbilisi

Georgian On My Mind

They’re not kidding about this program being intensive. Somehow 15 hours of intensive lessons seemed so much less intense when I was sitting in America. Now that I’m in Georgia, I find that my brain is thinking about Georgian most of the time. When I’m lying in bed at night, I’m thinking about whether the … Continue reading Georgian On My Mind

The Frustrations and Motivations of Language Learning

I did not come to Georgia solely to learn Georgian. I came to intensively study Chechen and, as someone who enjoys learning languages and wants to work in the Caucasus, thought that being able to also learn Georgian was a great bonus opportunity. Between Russian and English, I can get by in taxis and shops … Continue reading The Frustrations and Motivations of Language Learning