Why Vladimir?

People keep asking me: why Vladimir?  Why am I here?  Why did I choose to come to Vladimir when I could have chosen to study in St. Petersburg or Moscow?  What do I do here? When other students ask me, their tone often implies that there must be nothing to do in Vladimir. Vladimir is … Continue reading Why Vladimir?


Moscow Experience

Learning Russian is not the only goal that I set for myself in coming to study in Moscow. Another important goal for me was to gain “Moscow experience”. However, I set that as a goal for myself without really knowing what I meant by it. The truth is that I cobbled together this phrase as … Continue reading Moscow Experience


In conversation, the topic is one of the most polemic. In history, its events are the most memorable. And in life, its effects are disastrous. Of course, Edwin Star had it right all along. "War… What is it good for? Absolutely nothing." The fact of the matter is that living in Russia, the topic of … Continue reading Rebuilt