A Guest Among the Yaghnobis

The Yaghnob, or “icewater,” is a tributary feeding the Zarafshan River, which in turn feeds the great Amu Darya further downstream. Its headwaters are in the lofty peaks of the Fan Mountains of northern Tajikistan, from which it flows through a high (averaging 3000 meters above sea level) and steep-sloped valley which is at certain …

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Making Friends in Tainan

This is my second time coming to Taiwan. The first time I came to Taiwan I was a senior in high school—now, I am a senior in college and my perception of Taiwan has changed a lot. Knowing more Chinese has allowed me to interact with more people than I did when I was younger. …

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Finding Friends (and Discounts!)

Before arriving in Kazakhstan, just about every single question I should have taken time to carefully consider evaporated within the span of 5 minutes. How will I handle my peanut allergy? What should I do if the crown on my tooth falls out again? Do I know how to say “Where is the nearest metro …

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