The Faces of Moscow

This photo was captured from the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge overlooking the Moscow River and the Kremlin. This picture is definitely one of my favorites since I feel it encapsulates the majesty and grandeur of the Russian capital. While Moscow is often compared to New York or Paris in terms of its international metropolitanism, there’s something intrinsic in its …

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The Markets of Moscow

One of my favorite experiences in Russia was exploring markets. Whether they were interesting little stores, farmers markets or crazy collections of antiques and memorabilia, these spaces provided an opportunity to see where many people source their food and home goods, while also giving me the chance to find the odd treasure that kept homesickness at …

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Finding Small Comforts (In the Middle of a Pandemic)

When I got on that plane bound home, I honestly felt so defeated. Circumstances wouldn’t have it any other way, but I still felt so frustrated and angry. I even started questioning myself and mentally perusing through all the decisions that I made -- or didn’t. Like, why didn’t I book that ticket to St. Petersburg for the weekend? Why didn’t I go to that concert?

The “Commanda” and Russian Workplace Culture

If you start hanging out with Russians in any sort of professional sphere you’ll quickly become familiar with their workplace hierarchies and certainly with the institution that is their team “команда” or “коллектив”. I for one was interested to note that many young Russian professionals have very few degrees of separation between their work and …

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Shukov and the Russian Avant Garde: Always Leading

The Russian Avant Garde is one of my favorite artistic and architectural movements in the history of Russian art. Famous for such artists as Natalia Goncharova, El Lissitsky and Vladimir Kandinsky, the cultural impact of this movement is visible everywhere around the capital in the form of well-known landmarks as well as lesser-known but nonetheless …

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Highlights of my Semester in Russia: A Photo Blog

This post will contain a few of the many pictures I have taken in Moscow. It was difficult to pick just a few favorites! Early on in the semester we took a trip to visit Moscow State University, one of the top universities in Russia.  The university has a large campus with many buildings, but …

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Learning Public History in Russia

Studying abroad with American Councils provided me with the opportunity to undertake an internship at a Russian museum as part of my studies in Russia. At the museum I work as a volunteer in the office of the main curator of exhibitions, a department of the museum that coordinates many of the actions of the …

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