My Favorite Foods in St. Petersburg

There are many things I miss from my short stay in Saint Petersburg: chatting with my host family over tea and buttered bread each morning and night; stepping onto Nevsky Prospekt to the sounds of cover bands playing Nirvana; walking through beautiful, Soviet metro stations on my way to school.

The Faces of Moscow

This photo was captured from the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge overlooking the Moscow River and the Kremlin. This picture is definitely one of my favorites since I feel it encapsulates the majesty and grandeur of the Russian capital. While Moscow is often compared to New York or Paris in terms of its international metropolitanism, there’s something intrinsic in its …

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The Architecture of St. Petersburg, Russia

As someone who loves architecture, I think the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia is one of the must-see places in the world. Thus, the Hermitage was one of the first museums I visited once I had my студенческий билет (the student card that gives discounts and free access to museums in Saint Petersburg). Although seeing the art was incredible, I was absolutely fascinated by the …

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The Markets of Moscow

One of my favorite experiences in Russia was exploring markets. Whether they were interesting little stores, farmers markets or crazy collections of antiques and memorabilia, these spaces provided an opportunity to see where many people source their food and home goods, while also giving me the chance to find the odd treasure that kept homesickness at …

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Tips for Studying Abroad in Russia

A few words of advice: Going abroad is an amazing opportunity; I’m incredibly grateful that I was able to go to Russia and study in Saint Petersburg. It can be difficult, though, and preparing for the transition to living in another country can certainly be scary! I sought out a lot of advice when I was preparing …

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Чаепитие (Tea-Time) in Russia

Since the 17th century, tea has been a staple drink in Russia. In 1638, Tsar Michael Federovich received a gift from a Mongolian ruler - tea. At first, the gift was refused due to a lack of understanding, but after an explanation, tea was accepted and introduced to more of Russia. Following this, Russia agreed on …

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Life As A Vegetarian In Saint Petersburg

Food, for many people, is an important part of traveling. Going to a different country, with different types of popular food, can be exciting, or stressful, or a combination of both. I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t eat meat or fish, and I think my family and friends in the US were a little worried …

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Finding Small Comforts (In the Middle of a Pandemic)

When I got on that plane bound home, I honestly felt so defeated. Circumstances wouldn’t have it any other way, but I still felt so frustrated and angry. I even started questioning myself and mentally perusing through all the decisions that I made -- or didn’t. Like, why didn’t I book that ticket to St. Petersburg for the weekend? Why didn’t I go to that concert?