Ways to Enjoy the Russian Winter

Well, where to begin? This is my third semester in Moscow, and I have simply loved all the time that I have spent here. I arrived in the summer when it was blazing hot and the burn piles were beginning to smoke and smolder. I, however, enjoyed it so much that I decided to stay … Continue reading Ways to Enjoy the Russian Winter


A Californian Braving the Russian Winter

I was warned that Russia would be cold but I guess I didn’t quite understand what it means to be cold. When I was home in California before I left for Russia I bought a coat, a pair of gloves, and my mom showered me in sweaters and hats concerned about her little California girl … Continue reading A Californian Braving the Russian Winter

Winter, Colds, and Healing

Moscow in winter is quite an interesting place to live. Russians have lived in Moscow for centuries, so one would think that Russians would love, or at least tolerate, the cold. From my experience, the reality is quite the opposite; Russians passionately hate the cold. Of course, this is a broad generalization. I think they … Continue reading Winter, Colds, and Healing

Rainy Days in Moscow

Having been in Russia for a full academic year, and currently continuing my study over the summer in Moscow, I have witnessed and endured all the various facets of Russian weather. From the piles of filth that accumulated in the winter on the steps leading to the metro, which caused not a small number of … Continue reading Rainy Days in Moscow

The Great Boot Search

A traveller can wrack his nerves in an attempt to anticipate and prepare for problems ahead. In this pursuit, it is easy to waste money and time in over-preparation and over-thinking. It may be of benefit to the reader to relate the experience of an acquaintance of mine who did just that. He loved to … Continue reading The Great Boot Search

СЛАДОЕЖКА – “Sweet Eater”

My host mother calls me a сладоежка - "sweet-eater". The time when I can go for a walk somewhere in St. Petersburg and not stop by a store for a chocolate bar – or two – is now a rare event. The proliferation of Пятёрочка, 7Я, and Дикси throughout the city, not to mention the … Continue reading СЛАДОЕЖКА – “Sweet Eater”