Second Annual World Nomad Games

On September 2nd I got to go to the Second Annual World Nomad Games in Cholpon-Ata. Because I had class that day, I left in the afternoon and got there at night. Cholpon-Ata is on Kyrgyzstan’s largest lake, Issyk-Kul, and the drive there was really beautiful! I had been there before a few times and … Continue reading Second Annual World Nomad Games


Basketball Abroad

There was always a part of me that had the desire to play basketball overseas. The dream felt quite impossible however considering the details to achieve it. However, studying abroad in Russia has provided opportunities similar to playing basketball overseas. While I didn't play professionally for a European team, I did get to practice basketball … Continue reading Basketball Abroad

Cultural Capital of the Turkic World

Last month I wrote about Kazan’s reputation as the Sports Capital of Russia. Interestingly enough, Kazan holds the title of capital of more than just sports here in the Russian Federation and Central Asia as well. Coming from a background in Turkish studies and increasingly interested in Turkic relations, I was intrigued to find out … Continue reading Cultural Capital of the Turkic World

Kazan: Sports Capital of Russia

Throughout Russia, the city of Kazan and the capital of Tatarstan is renowned as a sports capital. It’s a fact unlikely to escape even the briefest of visitors, as stadiums and sporting venues dot the skyline and banners advertising last summer’s Universiade games still hang proudly along Bauman Street, the main pedestrian thoroughfare downtown. Meet … Continue reading Kazan: Sports Capital of Russia

Keeping Up With the World of Gymnastics… From Abroad

Last year, my favorite gymnast tore her ACL while competing on the vault at a major competition. Why is this relevant, you may ask? Well, luckily for me, this gymnast happens to be a member of the Russian national gymnastics team. Not only that, but she is a two-time Russian national champion, a European medalist, … Continue reading Keeping Up With the World of Gymnastics… From Abroad

Ways to Enjoy the Russian Winter

Well, where to begin? This is my third semester in Moscow, and I have simply loved all the time that I have spent here. I arrived in the summer when it was blazing hot and the burn piles were beginning to smoke and smolder. I, however, enjoyed it so much that I decided to stay … Continue reading Ways to Enjoy the Russian Winter

Sports in Russia, Soccer and a Cross- Moscow Adventure!

When I first came to Russia I had set my mind up that I wanted to partake in sports and athletic activities, not just for my own health’s sake but also to be able to meet some new people with similar interests. In the United States, I play soccer and will play just about anything … Continue reading Sports in Russia, Soccer and a Cross- Moscow Adventure!