Minutes Pass, Hours Run, Days Fly

I heard an expression here once that roughly translates to, “Minutes pass, hours run, and the days fly by.”  I understand what this means more than ever, now that it’s already December and study abroad is drawing to a close.  I honestly don’t really know how to feel right now – where did the time … Continue reading Minutes Pass, Hours Run, Days Fly


Finding the “свой” in the “чужой”.

I think one thing that's important to remember (which I completely forgot about in the beginning, shame on me) is to hang out with yourself. Take some time alone away from your friends, your group, etc. and enjoy your own company. Study abroad is not only a great time to learn about a new language … Continue reading Finding the “свой” in the “чужой”.

Climbing the Language Barrier

While language learning has always been a huge passion of mine, over the last three years I have been actively learning the art of aerial dance. While this initially started out as just a hobby over the last year and a half I have been competing in aerial dance competitions and showcases in a few … Continue reading Climbing the Language Barrier

Good Eats in Saint Petersburg

I’ve noticed a lot of American chain restaurants around Saint Petersburg, Russia, especially in the center of the city.  I haven’t stepped foot in any of them, though.  Why would I, when the traditional food here is nothing short of delicious?  Everything I’ve eaten has been so tasty that I’m not sure if my host … Continue reading Good Eats in Saint Petersburg

Language Learning Through Music

My trip to St. Petersburg has always been about music. I’ve played the violin for almost 30 years, and the most formative musical moments of my life were in some way or another connected to the Russian musical tradition. I vividly remember cowering under the covers as a kid watching the Night on Bald Mountain … Continue reading Language Learning Through Music