Immersive Learning In A Digital Environment

Why are you learning Chinese? How long have you been studying? So your Chinese must be very good! Oh… very cool! If you are learning a foreign language or have learned one (congrats btw!), you will often encounter these types of questions. Likewise, if you ask someone these questions, you will almost always hear a different response.

My Virtual Conversation Partner in Taiwan

Initially hesitant about intensive language learning online, I was pleasantly surprised by the pace of the class and various modes of learning TISLP offered to improve my Chinese speaking ability. Group classes are small and great for group learning and instruction. Although my classmates and I are states apart and we don’t have the opportunity to bond in person and outside of the classroom as we would during scheduled programming, I feel like we are friends as we speak and see each other almost every day on BlueJeans.

Online Learning: Engaging and Fun!

My concerns about not getting to know Taiwan were quickly expelled. Through not only the textbooks but also my language partner, I have gotten to learn about Taiwan and Taiwanese culture I would not have otherwise known. Through the class, I have learned things like garbage trucks are yellow and play music or that at weddings the newlyweds give out sweets.

The Natural Beauty of Taiwan

I participated in American Councils Taiwan Intensive Summer Language Program (TISLP) in 2019. During my summer in Taiwan, I noticed how green it is. It appears the nature has been infused with the country’s architecture willingly or unwillingly. Every time I went outside, I always felt this Zen-like peaceful atmosphere. There was some balance between …

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