Learning Georgian Online

Why choose Georgian? I have wanted to learn Georgian and the other languages of the Caucasus countries since I was an undergraduate studying the area as part of my major but had never found the opportunity to do so. Then five years ago I had the opportunity to study Armenian in Armenia. I would be so close I knew I must visit Georgia while I was there.

Reflections After Three Weeks

Ideally, I would be writing this on a table somewhere in the vicinity of Tbilisi, perhaps at an outdoor locale overlooking the picturesque scenery of the region. But we must play the hand we are dealt, and alas, Fortune has postponed (but not cancelled) my hopes of travel in the Caucasus. That is life. We must adjust, and I believe we have done so to the best as circumstances may allow.

First Impressions of Azerbaijan

For the past four days, my program (Peace and Security in the South Caucasus) has been privileged to tour Baku and a few other places in Azerbaijan—one of Georgia’s neighboring countries. Prior to this brief trip, I had never been to Azerbaijan and it was interesting to finally see the country we had discussed this …

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Excursion to Kazbegi, Georgia

One of the best experiences I’ve had during my time in Georgia was a trip to the northern city of Kazbegi. Kazbegi has the famous Gergeti Trinity Church which is situated on a mountain top with another range of mountains in the background. When I Googled Georgia before coming, the iconic photo of the church …

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Walking in Urban and Rural Georgia

In my first study abroad experience — 3 months in Barcelona — I found that some of my most redeeming experiences and memories came from simply exploring the city. Granted, there hasn’t been much time to do so in Tbilisi with busy weekdays of classes and frequent weekend excursions. However, I have managed to carve …

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Where Are You From?

This question is ubiquitous when you meet new people – whether in the United States or traveling overseas. Granted, it is easy to answer abroad: я из Америки, из США. Most people can guess I am American anyway, especially when surrounded by other Americans, by volume, laughter, and most likely, dress. Still, some may wish …

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