Photo Exploration: Dogs in Taiwan

Dogs across Taiwan are by far the most healthy and happy dogs that I have ever seen. There is an incredible respect for dogs across Taiwan, from the big city of Taipei all the way to the rural aboriginal village of Alishan. In the United States, dogs are generally kept on leashes and kept very …

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Experiencing Different Aspects of Taiwan

Visiting the Tzu Chi recycling plant was one of the most interesting excursions we went on during the program. I was really impressed by how meticulous the facility was and the amount of support they receive. With 60 to 70 volunteers per day, they hand separate items by material and color. The facility makes several …

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Life of a Foreign Exchange Student In Taiwan

After 3 long weeks, I became to realize that I had subconsciously adjusted to the Taiwanese social customs here in Taipei. I was more likely to speak Chinese with some of the locals if they are open to talk, receiving in-depth information on the culture, politics and history of Taiwan, and continuously became amazed when …

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