Summing up the year in Vladimir

After spending 8 months in Vladimir Russia I can easily answer the questions that are asked to me every day. "Why study Russian?" Other than having the ability to travel to the largest country in the world and probably one of the most important ones at this moment in politics and history, the language just … Continue reading Summing up the year in Vladimir


Finding a New Hobby

It has been approximately 8 weeks since I’ve arrived to Vladimir and it has been an extremely interesting experience.  I have learned in these two short months: what it means to actually have free time, how to listen to people, and the many similarities between Russians and Americans.  Although these examples may seem basic, I … Continue reading Finding a New Hobby

A Different Kind Of Cold

"Its winter, of course it will be cold", this is what I told myself before returning for the spring semester in Vladimir, Russia. I've been many places at various times of year from the northern United States and Canada, throughout the valleys in the Midwest and the mountain regions. I've been through the highlands of … Continue reading A Different Kind Of Cold

Getting around in Russia

One aspect of Russia that I have come to appreciate over my time here is the amount of transportation services available to the public, from day to day bus rides around the city, to high speed trains like the “Lastochka”, that can be used to travel quickly to and from different regions.  Metro trains and … Continue reading Getting around in Russia

An American dancing in Russia

“I knew you were an American before I heard your accent,” said my Zumba instructor in Vladimir, Russia.  “I could tell by the way you moved your hips.”  After years of formal and informal dance instruction, following an instructor’s moves in the mirror is practically second nature to me, and I had danced with abandon, … Continue reading An American dancing in Russia

Embracing Winter

Originally posted on Lasting Impressions: In Which Zoe Goes to Russia I am from Kentucky, where one inch of snow is kind of a lot. I've always loved snow, but I absolutely hate being cold, and I tend to get cold easily. So when friends asked me, "You do know that Russia is cold, … Continue reading Embracing Winter

A Californian Braving the Russian Winter

I was warned that Russia would be cold but I guess I didn’t quite understand what it means to be cold. When I was home in California before I left for Russia I bought a coat, a pair of gloves, and my mom showered me in sweaters and hats concerned about her little California girl … Continue reading A Californian Braving the Russian Winter

On McDonald’s and Press Freedom

“Putin is so wonderful. You just never hear anything bad about him!” With the major parliamentary elections only a month away, Russia is an ever-intriguing place to stay. Between constant communist party rallies, the petitions and protests of parties failing to qualify for candidacy, and the divide of the Soviet and Federal generations, the streets … Continue reading On McDonald’s and Press Freedom